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2 Girls 1 Show has not been publicly released yet. This page is for festival and industry use only. Videos are password protected. Please refer to the email or festival submission for the passwords. If you believe you should have access to the videos but do not, please email for help.

Episode 1: bronies

Alli and Jen are looking for material to perform for their live comedy show. They discover the online community of Bronies, and decide they need to attend Bronycon to investigate.

Episode 2: mpreg

In episode 2, Alli and Jen discover the online community of Mpreg interview a (real) mpregger. They decide they'd rather have men get pregnant...

Episode 3: semenology

In this episode, Alli and Jen discover "Semenology: The Semen Bartender's Handbook" on Amazon, and interview the author, who teaches them how to make one of his signature drinks. The girls decide it's delicious, and that they need to open the first semen speakeasy in New York City.

Alli and Jen discuss the merits of Tinder, and then decide to do some "real-life Tindering", e.g. pushing men on the street.

Episode 4: Tinder

In this final episode, Alli and Jen discover that the concept of "sugar dating" has been escalated online. They decide to get sugar daddies.

Episode 5: sugar babies

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