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How much of 2 Girls 1 Show is real?


Internet communities and phenomena: real

The comedy show, Blogologues: real 

**Blogologues is a real sketch comedy show Alli and Jen create and perform regularly in NYC. Learn more about the show here!

The interviews and interviewees: totally real and unscripted

The shenanigans: not real

The characters and places: somewhat real

**2 Girls 1 Show is a mockumentary of Alli and Jen's lives, so most characters and places are based on real life. For example, Alli really has a twin who works in tech; Jen's apartment is her actual apartment; Jen and Alli really work at a co-working space (called Alley, not UWerk).

Are you making fun of online communities?


Hail no, gurl. Really, we're only making fun of ourselves. The communities and people we interview are real, and we're fascinated by the connections they are able to form on the internet with other people who share their interests.

People have had the same worry about our live show Blogologues. Beforehand, they anticipated the show could get mean, but then they were pleasantly surprised to find that it was not. 

"I feared the show would be mean-spirited, taking many low and easy swings as the horny, alienated, and vulnerable people whose online rants and pleas become fodder for comedy. But this is a great, intelligent, funny show." - The Daily Beast

Who can I contact about ​press and festival inquiries?


What's this all about?


2 Girls 1 Show is an original, half-real/half-scripted, comedy series by Jen Jamula and Allison Goldberg, that follows the (two) girls as they research internet communities and trends in order to create their (one) show.


Alli and Jen have a live sketch comedy show called Blogologues in NYC, in which they perform internet content (this is true). This includes stuff like reddit wormholes, horrible Tinder messages, and more, all performed live onstage. Every day, they search the depths of the interwebs looking for new material - this is where each 2 Girls 1 Show episode starts. Like everyone who trolls the web, they find something that's like, "da fuq?"


But unlike everyone else, they decide to investigate it in real life.

Alli and Jen research what they find through REAL, unscripted interviews with the people behind the posts, and IRL experiments. Unfortunately (fortunately?), they take things too far, to the detriment of their personal lives. At the end of the episode, their "research" gets put into their live show. The girls learn how the internet brings us together and pulls us apart. (And also how it's a strange *#&%ing place.)

The characters


Blogologues co-creator

Alli's partner in crime


Blogologues co-creator

Jen's partner in crime


Jen's boyfriend

Owner of UWerk, Alli and Jen's

co-working office


Alli's twin

Founder & CEO of,

a startup that repurposes shit

The nemesis


Who the f*ck is this guy?
(If you know his name, please tell us.)


Without the support of our amazing donors who gave during our IndieGoGo caimpaign in fall 2015, this show would not have been possible.

Thank you to our donors!


Andy Arons

Henri Benaim

Les Benzak

Elizabeth Berg

Allison Berliner

Jill Brown

Jefrey Bulla

Casper Caldarola

Alexandra Cavoulacos

Laura Finkelstein Chaise

Andrew Cohen

Jane Condon

Amy-Wilard Cross

Lainie Dalby

Katie Daley

Alek Deva

Brett Edkins

Greg Edwards


Jen Epstein

Estefania Fadul

Jon Fougner

Eric Frahm

David Freiman

Wayne Froud

Fueled Development

Hadass Gerson

Judith Gluckstern

Janice Goldberg

Jodi Goldblatt

Jeffrey Hamilton

Charles Hamlen

Aliahmed Hassanali

Ethan Heard

Gregg Hill

Allison Hirschlag

Kristina Jones

Bobbie Kantor

Andrew Karp

Lauren Katz

Sam Katz

Charlotte Kaufman

Gracie Kazer

Christipher Kennedy

Chris Kenney

Kim Kitada

David Knox

Anna Kolontyrsky

Frankie LaPace

Janine Lenguadoro

Matt Lenguadoro

Lauren Leto

​​Courtney Levin

Andrew Levine

Asher Levinthal

Dan Levinthal

Andrea Luxenberg

Billy Magnussen

Kelly Makowiecki

David Mandel-Anthony

Iris Mansour

Katherine Marshall

John Masker

Danielle Matchimonji

Cindy Mendelson

Chad Miller

Barry Nemmett

Laini Nemmett

Elisabeth Ness

Kristine Niven

Grace Ng

Jane Olian

Gaya Palmer

Julie Papanek

Jackson Perrin

Erin Pettigrew

Caroline Pocock

Hannah Polikov

Harry Raymond

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Emily Sandor

Jan Scher

Jeremy Scherr

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Emily Simones

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Allee Socal

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Julie Sygiel

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Jeremy Wolff

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